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Easily located parklette
growls, linked with
yarns eyelining irony
in ditched christmastrees.
Late, choking thru work traffic,
the trolley tilts, letting
shopped-hat mirror-carriers
leer, petulant track-crossers
step until clangor makes
arched-eyebrow boot owls look back.

Parklette along walkways where
yarns line prickles of ditched christmastrees
growls link-clicks can eye it too easily.
Trolley-tilts make eyebrows arch at
petulant traffic cops letting
mirror-carriers choke up the work returners.
An owl looks back at late hats,
boots leering in clangorous steps
at the shops that track-crossers hurry to in irony.

Petulantly, I tilt my hat
toward the leers backing out of the parklette.
Boots traffic this link-clicking clangor of irony,
as your yarns choke on the looks which
arch and growl at the prickles in the tilting trolley.



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