first post.

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First post. Aha i heave new blog, decide i ought not hide, type the prattle from my worry journal. Not poems nor prose, but anyway i damn labels, these writs will sit, might not make sense, but i will try and embrace the swift tap, the electronic trap that might encase instances of my loneliness and ponderance.  Because I struggle with the theme of audience, I awake with exposing such a switch and say, let’s see me faking my levant, let’s bring my worry to the world, let’s prick my prescient reverie into some sort of sloppy sonata, la la la all composed with pen, o fountainpen, and la la la, later tap tap tapped into this evanescent box, fizzling in the electronic ether. (all except this momentary improvisational opening, o wordpress pressing me to open with an “about me”, a poem i should never write, but always write, o watery autobiography!)


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